Dementia with Dignity Series

Dementia with Dignity Series


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Caring for a person with Alzheimers or dementia calls for more than basic protection and physical care. Sexuality and intimacy are basic human rights that should not be denied simply because the person has a level of decreased cognizance and lives in a nursing home. These programs demonstrate not only how to greatly enhance the elders quality of life but also the importance of creating a safe environment. In addition, they illustrate practical strategies for dealing with many of the effects of dementia, including combative or uninhibited behavior, sleeplessness, wandering, delusions and anxiety. It also deals with sexuality of elders living in residential facilities and tastefully shows various sexual expressions, the effect of those expressions on others, and methods to allow freedom of sexual expression while maintaining a comfortable environment for other residents and staff.

Titles In This Series:

Enhancing Quality of Life
Communicating Effectively
Meeting the Special Challenges
Dementia and Resident Right

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