Cultural Competence Series

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Cultural Competence Series


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Titles In This Series:

Cultural Diversity and Healthcare
Begins by showing the rapidly-changing cultural environment in the modern world. The many varied aspects of culture, including age, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability, and socioeconomic factors are delineated. Self-assessment as the first step in developing cultural competence is discussed. The Concept of proxemics, or relative distances maintained during human interactions, is defined and demonstrated.

Becoming Culturally Competent
Tools for increasing cultural competency through self-awareness and improved interpersonal skills are the core of this program. Techniques to avoid generalization of cultural traits are discussed, as are cultural influences on attitudes toward family roles, modesty, nutrition, birthing and parenting, death and dying, and alternative health care practices.

Assessment Challenges in a Multicultural Environment
Cultural differences bring special challenges to the evaluation process. Included are discussions and demonstrations of assessing cyanosis in people of color and discerning accidental and non-accidental injury vs. normal variations in skin tone. Techniques for interviewing individuals with cognitive and sensory impairments, and the use of translators when language barriers exist are also discussed and demonstrated. Techniques for establishing trust and rapport are outlined.

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