Obstetrical Nursing: Pain Control

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Caring for the OB Patient: Pain Control


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1. Describe the types of pain experienced during labor.
2. Discuss the physiologic causes of pain during labor.
3. Name the most common response to pain.
4. Discuss non-pharmacologic interventions for pain management, including hydration, breathing, massage, warm water, and distraction.
5. Explain the role of the birth partner in pain management.
6. Discuss the use of pharmacologic agents for management of labor pain including opioids, barbiturates, tranquilizers, and regional anesthetics.
7. Describe the epidural block.
8. List the side effects of analgesics used during labor.
9. Discuss the management of side effects related to the use of analgesics during labor.
10. Describe maternal positioning techniques that promote adequate blood and oxygen flow to the fetus.
11. Discuss how maternal positioning relates to distribution of the epidural medication.
12. Outline how maternal positioning can assist the descent of the fetus through the birth canal.
13. Differentiate between an epidural and an intrathecal block.
14. List the common side effects of an intrathecal block.

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