Obstetrical Nursing: Newborn Stabilization and Care

Caring for the OB Patient: Newborn Stabilization and Care


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1. List the physiologic changes which must occur for the fetus to make a successful transition to neonate.
2. Discuss the role of surfactant in effective respiration.
3. List the factors that are believed to help initiate breathing in the neonate.
4. Describe the preparations to be made by the nurse for receiving the newborn infant.
5. Discuss the initial assessment and care of the newborn.
6. State the normal ranges for the newborn heart rate and respiration.
7. List the three indicators for resuscitation.
8. State the affects of cold stress on the newly born.
9. Perform an APGAR assessment.
10. Identify disorders that can be diagnosed during routine neonatal screenings.
11. Demonstrate eye and cord care, administration of vitamin K, and drawing blood for newborn screenings.

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