Obstetrical Nursing: Electronic Fetal Monitoring

Caring for the OB Patient: Electronic Fetal Monitoring


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1. Differentiate between the terms “reassuring” and “non-eassuring” as related to fetal monitor tracings.
2. Apply the ultrasound and toco transducers to the mother’s abdomen.
3. Differentiate between the uterine activity and the fetal heart rate tracings on the monitor strip.
4. Explain the difference between external and internal monitoring of both the fetal heart rate and the uterine contractions.
5. Take and record the nursing assessment of a labor patient.
6. Describe the frequency, intensity, and duration of contractions.
7. List factors which interfere with affective fetal oxygenation during labor.
8. Discuss when cord compression is a cause for concern.
9. Give the parameters for normal, tachycardic, and bradycardic fetal heart rates.
10. Correctly use the four terms used to describe baseline variability.
11. Define early and late decelerations.
12. Describe interventions for treatment of late decelerations.
13. Discuss actions taken to alleviate the affects of cord compression.

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