Obstetrical Nursing: Complications of Pregnancy

Caring for the OB Patient: Complications of Pregnancy


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1. List the known risk factors and common symptoms for preterm labor.
2. Name two actions other than tocolytics used to help control preterm labor.
3. Discuss the use of tocolytics in the treatment of preterm labor and the side effects of these drugs.
4. List six adverse reactions associated with magnesium sulfate tocolysis that must be immediately reported to the physician.
5. Discuss the use of glucocorticoid injection in conjunction with tocolysis.
6. Describe the various causes of bleeding during pregnancy and interventions for each.
7. Differentiate between the four categories of hypertensive disorders during pregnancy.
8. Describe the HELLP syndrome related to pre-eclampsia.
9. List four severe fetal complications related to pre-eclampsia.
10. Differentiate between pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, and explore management options for these hypertension disorders.

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