Obstetrical Nursing: Caring for the Postpartum Patient

Caring for the OB Patient: Caring for the Postpartum Patient


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1. Describe the primary roles of the nurse during the postpartum period.
2. Describe the process of involution.
3. List factors which can slow the process of involution.
4. Name and describe the three types of lochia.
5. Delineate the hormonal changes that occur immediately following birth.
6. Discuss changes in the breast at the onset of lactation.
7. Discuss the possible changes in intestinal and urinary function following delivery.
8. List the steps in a postpartum nursing exam.
9. Delineate the potential complications related to the postpartum period for both vaginal and cesarean deliveries.
10. List actions which can promote comfort for the new mother.
11. Describe the emotional changes which can occur postpartum.
12. Differentiate between the “baby blues” and postpartum depression.

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