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AD/HD: Behavioral Strategies


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This program focuses on the various behavioral techniques in use or under investigation for the treatment of AD/HD. A comprehensive treatment program for the disorder is discussed. The value of counseling, tutoring, and coaching is delineated and a variety of specific therapeutic modalities are explained. The program also addresses the need for involvement of friends, family, and significant others for the most effective treatment. Brief scenarios augment the discussion and show that those living with AD/HD can lead productive, enjoyable lives.

Upon completion of this program, the learner will be able to: Delineate a comprehensive treatment plan for AD/HD Discuss the value of various interventions, including counseling, tutoring, coaching, diet, and exercise programs. List ways in which friends and family can assist the individual in Controlling certain behaviors. Describe the education and assistance needed for close friends, family, teachers, and supervisors of individuals with AD/HD. List various potential treatments for the disorder now under study.

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